Nick's Beer Garden - 10 pm Saturday June 18 2016 (See Upcoming Events)

The Eric Charles Group is happy to be returning to everyone's local favorite, Nick's Beer Garden, on Saturday June 18 - kicking it off at 10pm. Through the best of the old school classics in R&B, Soul and Blues-derived dance music including The Rolling Stones, The JBs, The Temptations, Al Greene, Johnny Talyor and more, Charles brings his inimitable range and style to the stage backed up by THE best old-school rhythm section around See Below.
Eric Charles (guitar and vocal)

Friends On Stage

We enjoy working with a variety of the very BEST artists available. Danny Draher, Stanley Banks, Charles Tripp, Paul Coscino and other top-notch musicians round out the group depending on the needs of the venue.

The Group Roster - Chicago

The Eric Charles Group features Anthony Space (Keyboards), Roberto Aguilera (Bass/Vocal) and Eric Charles (Guitar/Vocal).

The Group Roster - Miami

The Eric Charles Group features Curmit Sibert (Drums/Vocal), Reed Roberts (Bass/Vocal) and Eric Charles (Guitar/Vocal).

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